30 Albums, 30 Days

Welcome to my new project, “30 Albums, 30 Days.” Over the next 30 days, I promise to deliver, at least, a long-form review of a different album, every day. Along with reviews, I will do my best to publish discussions with bands, my views on the current state of the music industry, show reviews and pressing information (and who knows, maybe some of my old photography blogs will pop up as well) but at the very least a new review will come out every day.

These will not always be reviews of new bands or new albums. But every release that I discuss will have had, be having or will have an impact on music. While many of the bands I discuss will be small independent acts, don’t be surprised to see mainstream bands make appearance as well. This blog will be as diverse as my personal tastes.

So over the next month, look for reviews of albums from bands ranging from the relatively unknown Troubled Coast to pop-punk mainstays Taking Back Sunday, and watch out special treats like a retrospective review of Thursday’s “Full Collapse” and discussions of the effects of listen to music on vinyl, on CD and digitally.

Once again welcome and I hope this project is as fun to read, as it will be to write.



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